Green Surf Hat Bucket Style with Removable Chin Straps Wind Cord and Neck Flap


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Introducing the Green Bucket Surf Hat with Removable Chin Straps, Wind Cord, and Neck Flap! This lightweight bucket hat is designed for ultimate sun protection during your outdoor adventures. With its SPF 50+ fabrics, hardened front brim, and neck flap, your eyes and neck will be shielded from harmful sun glare. It’s perfect for adults and kids, thanks to the adjustable back pull cord that ensures a secure fit even during vigorous activities or windy days. The removable thick breathable mesh chin strap adds extra protection for your ears without compromising your hearing while securing it in harsh conditions. Whether you’re into beaching, hiking, fishing, surfing, SUP, or simply strolling around town, this friendly hat will keep you stylish and fully protected under the sun.


In stock

Sun Protection for Outdoor Adventures

Excellent for surfing, SUP, boating, kayaking, skim boarding, duck diving, boogie boarding, hiking, biking, jogging, pool side lounging, nature walks and other adventure activities.

Green Surf Hat Removable Chin Straps

Removable thick breathable mesh chin strap to protect ears from sun without impairing hearing. Holds the hat on in wind, surf, yet removable for after the wind leisure wear. Strong buckle for a secure hold.

Removable Wind Cord

Removable wind cord for those adventurous windy days.  When you don’t want to lose your hat, but don’t need the full chin strap protection.

Removable Neck Flap

Covers the back of the neck for an ultimate protection, and allows you to remove it in less harsh conditions.  Utilize the inside top of the head compartment to store the flap when not being used.

Stiff Brim for Sun Glare

Half the brim is stiffened for best sun protection while at the same time prevent sagging in the eyes.  Enables to be flipped up for better vision or turned down for a more glaring sun condition.

Surf Hat with Sun Protection

UPF 50+ fabrics are used for sun protection while soaking in the basking rays providing protection of your ears, nose and face.

Adjustable Size with Back Pull Cord

Universal hat size with adjustable pull cord for best fit with a press button buckle for keeping in place.  Size ranges from 22″-24″ inches around the head.  This would fit most adults, teens, and if pulled snuggly some youth.

Product Details

100% Nylon black fabric.  Universal one size with adjustable pull cord fitting 22″-24″ around the head. Covered mesh breathable compartments.  Super comfortable, very light (under 5oz).

The Green Surf Hat Floats!

No worries if you aren’t using the removable chin straps and it falls in the ocean, pool, or lake.  It floats!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee: We know you will be happy with your decision to purchase a Surf Hat Bucket, and if for any reason you are unsatisfied we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked!

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